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Elevate Your Client Experience and Improve Your Business in 3 Minutes.

Use patented, clinically proven neuroscience to profoundly upgrade your client's experience and immediately impact your business .

NuCalm by the numbers

million surgical procedures
% patient satisfaction rating
decades of research

Differentiate your business with cutting-edge neuroscience technology


Provide your clients with the safest, most reliable stress management solution

The positive effects of all-natural stress management with NuCalm cannot be overstated. Your clients will love how they feel after NuCalm and how they sleep that night - in just one session! They'll never again want to be without it.


Earn fee-for-service revenue

With NuCalm, you provide a valued service that you can charge for. The average fee for a NuCalm session is between $50 and $125 USD. With even a handful of NuCalm sessions per day, clinicians have earned tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in added annual revenues.


Easy to use, touchless technology

NuCalm can be self-administered in less than 2 minutes and the effect begins moments after. Empowering your clients to take care of themselves is good for them and even better for your business.


Increase client satisfaction and treatment efficacy

A happy client is the simplest way to accelerate your business growth. When you can unexpectedly and profoundly help your client - they often become your best marketing asset. Give them something to talk about!


Build client trust and loyalty

Providing a unique service enables you to differentiate your business from competitors and increase client retention. Invest in the technologies that are proven to make a difference in your client's lives - they will notice.


Go with a trusted partner

NuCalm has been used in over 2 million surgeries worldwide, with an exceptional record of satisfaction and no reported adverse effects. It’s a turnkey solution – easy to implement and simple to administer and maintain.

3 Simple Steps to Deep Relaxation and Recovery

People love the ease and benefits of using NuCalm

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NuCalm ROI

NuCalm is a unique product offering, because it impacts the client experience and your bottom line, immediately and profoundly. It takes just minutes to master how to administer NuCalm, less than a day to refine and standardize how to present NuCalm to your clients, and, typically, less than two weeks before realizing a profit from your investment.

Businesses with a minimum of six NuCalm PRO systems report NuCalm gross revenues in year 1 over $1.6M.

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And the best part is, everything you need is included.

  • Marketing assets to create in-property awareness 
  • Instructional video and printed cards give your clients step-by-step directions
  • Education materials to help your clients understand the value and virtue of stress management and make sure you get the credit you deserve for taking such great care of them
  • Unlimited staff training so there is no stress in helping your clients get rid of their stress
NuCalm Marketing Content

If NuCalm can make a root canal the most relaxing part of your day, imagine what it can do for your clients.

Dentists are experts in managing patient stress. See how NuCalm has changed the game for them.

"NuCalm has changed the way our patients feel about coming to our office. 'I will never fear coming to the dentist again.' 'That was the best dental appointment I have ever had.' 'I might stop by just so you can NuCalm me.' When we hear comments like these from patients we’ve been serving for years, we know that we are offering an incredible dental experience and truly helping our patients. The types of procedures we perform using NuCalm include surgical extractions, root canals, periodontal treatment, and crown and bridge. These are not pleasant procedures. The NuCalm experience has been life changing for our patients and our team. For myself this technology has allowed me to be more efficient. I have cut my procedure times down by thirty to forty percent in most cases. I am less stressed because my patients are at ease. The system is easy to use and within three minutes our patients are hooked up and relaxing. I leave my office feeling more relaxed. I never realized how much stress is transferred to us just from patient encounters. We become anesthetized to it but once I see my patient relax then I become more relaxed. Patients are referring family members and friends that have feared going to the dentist for years. It’s amazing to witness our patient’s sense of tranquility. When we see our patients in a state of pleasure rather than in a state of apprehension it is overwhelming to me and my team."

-Dr. Louis Kaufman, Chicago, Illinois
NuCalm Dental Practice Since 2009

"Most dentists want their patients to experience their treatment in a calm and relaxed manner. As dentists we know this is not always easy to achieve. We have been using NuCalm as our standard of care since 2009 and it has completely changed the way we take care of our patients. In fact, if it were taken away from our practice today we feel we would be doing our patients a huge disservice. Imagine working on a nervous, fidgety patient, who has difficulty with local anesthetic and feels they generally don’t work on her. This patient keeps moving her head, she is rinsing constantly and to delay treatment keeps asking irrelevant questions. Working on her is tedious, stressful to my assistant, and generally exhausting. We actually dread this patient’s visit and on top of all this she is a personal friend. Last week my friend needed an inlay preparation. We spoke to her about NuCalm, she thought it was a great idea and we went for it. Sheer bliss, the procedure took half the allocated time, the patient enjoyed the experience and we were perfectly chilled. Remarkable. The technology has worked predictably on ALL of my patients for more than a decade and has significantly reduced my daily stress. Having a system today that helps remove the anxiety factor from the dental equation makes absolute sense. Everyone benefits. Using NuCalm today is certainly a win-win for our patients, our teams and ourselves. What a great system, and the bonus of course is if we are stressed or anxious we can always NuCalm ourselves."

Dr. Mervyn Druian, B.D.S (RAND) D.G.D.P RCS, London, UK
NuCalm Dental Practice Since 2009

Learn more about NuCalm PRO for your clinical practice

NuCalm PRO Business Package

MSRP: $18,215 USD
Special Offer: $8,495


The NuCalm PRO package includes the following equipment, supplies, and support:

  • 2-year commercial (unlimited access) software license - NuCalm® patented neuroacoustic software
  • 2-year commercial (unlimited access) software license - Focus™ patented neuroacoustic software
  • 2-year commercial (unlimited access) software license - Ignite® patented neuroacoustic software 
  • 2-year commercial (unlimited access) software license - DEEP SLEEP™ patented neuroacoustic software 
  • 1 premium Curva Lounger chair - by Oakworks, Inc.
  • 400 NuCalm biosignal processing discs (4 packs of 100)
  • 50 NuCalm premium eye masks
  • 200 NuCalm trifolds
  • 1 NuCalm travel bag
  • 1 NuCalm zippered travel case
  • 1 paperback copy of the book “A New Calm” authored by Dr. Michael Galitzer
  • Invitation to become a NuCalm Affiliate
  • FREE shipping for initial shipment

Special pricing for ongoing supplies: NuCalm PRO Bundle: $999 USD ($2,550 value) - 400 NuCalm biosignal processing discs, 50 NuCalm premium eye masks


NOTE: Smart device and headphones not included.

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